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Working From Home – Above Central Park

Having a home office was once a nice perk – but now, it’s a necessity. Residents of 800 Fifth Avenue and 985 Fifth Avenue are almost certainly enjoying their Central Park views more than ever before – watching from above as the trees and flowers bloom. Such a backdrop cannot be beat.


These spacious, luxurious rental apartments are truly the ideal setting for working from home – but for some, merging the concepts of home and office is a major adjustment. We’ve provided some important considerations for successfully working from home.


Establish a Routine


Routines are essential to professional success – eliminating variables from one’s day allows for better focus and efficiency. Adjusting one’s weekday routine to accommodate working from home should be a top priority. Maintaining existing sleep, diet, and exercise routines will ensure optimal productivity. Having access to Central Park for exercise, and deliveries from world-class grocers, make this a breeze. Meanwhile, making spiritual adjustments to other aspects of one’s routine – such as having “work outfits” that are not pajamas – will help to maintain a sense of purpose and normalcy.


Watch the Clock


For many, Central Park living is a just reward for decades of hard work and a drive to succeed. That said, working from home is by no means a vacation. Even the most tireless of workers must take extra steps to avoid burnout – including carefully monitoring work hours, especially when traditional office cues (such as coworkers packing up and leaving) aren’t present. Those who are used to working 7 days a week may need to dial back a bit. Don’t be afraid to take mid-day breaks, either – a lunchtime walk in Central Park will pay dividends later in the day. Remember – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Have a Dedicated Workspace


Working from home does not mean “working from the couch”. Creating a physically distinct work space is essential. Unused guest bedrooms are perfect candidates for home office conversions – especially when having guests over isn’t likely to happen for a while. If all bedrooms are spoken for, carve a corner for yourself in your dining room. No matter which room becomes your workspace, invest in ergonomic and comfortable furniture – a great chair (such as the Herman Miller Aeron) and a spacious desk are crucial. Make sure that this is the place where you come to work, and only to work – this creates mental boundaries that will ensure a solid work/life balance.


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