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For the Love of Dogs

With some of the world's choicest cultural, culinary, and couture options always just a few minutes’ walk away, it's easy to see why everyone wants to live on the Upper East Side. This iconic neighborhood with luxe apartments overlooking Central Park has long been home to the city's well-heeled residents. But it's not just humans who love living in the Upper East Side’s Fifth Avenue apartments for rent; their well-pawed four-legged companions also prefer calling this dog-friendly neighborhood home. Perhaps it should be renamed the “Pupper East Side?”


Every dog lover in the city knows that to own a dog responsibly, they must have space in their home for one (or several). And it's essential to make sure that the buildings they live in are pet-friendly. If you want to have a dog without sacrificing Fifth Avenue luxury, 985 Fifth Avenue and 800 Fifth Avenue are excellent places to start looking. Both buildings exude that Uptown charm and have jaw-dropping views of the park that humans love and lots of space that your pooch will undoubtedly appreciate.


One of the things they'll most appreciate is how close they are to the park, and this isn't just any park—it's Central Park. Here, you and your furry friend can spend hours on outdoor activities, whether it's watching the rowboats glide across the water or exploring the terrain of the Ramble. According to the Central Park Conversancy, your dog can even be off-leash in various sections of the park from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Although there are some areas where dogs are not allowed or must always be on-leash, that still leaves a lot of space and time to run around in! Or you can take a 20-minute walk to the East River and let your dog loose on the Carl Schurz Park Dog Runs.


If you'd like to give your dog a little time to socialize, and you’re in need of some pet-free time yourself, drop them off at Biscuits and Bath. Rest assured that your canine is cared for and loved almost as much as they are at home. Thanks to nearly three decades of serving New Yorkers’ dogs, Biscuits and Bath is the go-to spot for dog owners who need doggy daycare, overnight stays, walking services, and even training.


And, of course, the UES has a pet apparel shop that matches the neighborhood's chic and refined reputation. Canine Styles' flagship location at 830 Lexington is a treasure trove of the finest treats and toys for the most discerning doggy. They are renowned for their grooming and even have a line of custom dog clothing. After they get their fur done, dress your dog up in cashmere and accessorize with a "Chewy Vuitton" bag (a dog toy take on the “Louis”). After all, this is NYC; even the dogs should be stylish!