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Frederick Law Olmsted, the illustrious landscape architect who designed Central Park in 1857, pondered the notion of the “genius of a place” and allowed the intrinsic flow of the natural world to shape the landscapes he designed. This genius is best experienced in April in Central Park, when spring asserts itself in a burst of colors. Seemingly overnight, buds open, gardens turn radiant, and trees become polychromatic—the entire park appears to swirl in a kaleidoscopic rush.


Such natural splendor would make for an incomparable front yard – and for a select few, it is. Central Park is steps from Urbana’s exclusive luxury residences at 800 Fifth Avenue and 985 Fifth Avenue, and residents of these Fifth Avenue apartments rentals can experience its expansive, idyllic 843 acres at their leisure.


On the north side of Sheep Meadow exists a path known as the Nell Singer Lilac Walk. It features a vast array of pink, purple, and white stunners from across the globe. There’s also the appropriately titled Azalea Walk on 76th Street, which is a short stroll by robust blooms of pink, purple, orange, and red. The Shakespeare Garden is a quiet, beautiful little enclave that spans four acres of plants and flowers mentioned in the bard’s plays, including columbine, cowslip, eglantine, flax, lark’s heel, primrose, quince, rue, and wormwood.


Then, of course, there’s Strawberry Fields. Much like the Shakespeare Garden, Strawberry Fields was designed to be a meditative space where busy New Yorkers can shed some stress among the trees and flowers while being separated from the din of the city. This tranquil section of the park memorializes the late John Lennon, and is another stage for springtime, which is almost certainly Central Park’s Sergeant Pepper  


The Park’s Conservatory Garden, composed of three gardens in three distinct styles (English, French, and Italian), is another celebrated destination -- and the only official garden in the park. Enter through the elegant Vanderbilt Gate at Fifth Avenue, and you’ll find yourself amid the lilacs in the English Garden. Stroll further through the six-acre gardens, and you’ll experience any number of the 65 different flowers that bloom here. There’s even an online bloom guide, so you can find out which flowers will be particularly stunning during your stroll.


Central Park is New York City’s best-loved green space for good reason. Whether stepping out from an attended lobby and into the park, or viewing it from above while enjoying a glass of wine on a gorgeous spring evening, residents of 800 Fifth Avenue and 985 Fifth Avenue are in rarefied company. To make Central Park the nexus of your New York lifestyle, explore Urbana’s available luxury residences today.