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One of the many true joys of a Central Park luxury apartment on Fifth Avenue is proximity to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 800 Fifth Avenue and 985 Fifth Avenue offer the finest rental residences within walking distance of the bastion of culture that is The Met, where there’s always something new to explore. For those few who reside in an Urbana residence along Central Park, we’ve rounded up the special exhibitions and events coming to The Met this spring.


“The Tale of Genji: A Japanese Classic Illuminated” (Now until June 16)

Have you heard of “The Tale of Genji”? It is perhaps the most celebrated work in the history of Japanese literature. Written by 11th century lady-in-waiting Murasaki Shikibu, it delves into the amorous exploits of Prince “Shining Genji.” The work was much more than mere titillation, though; “The Tale of Genji” introduced a host of iconic female literary characters, and has inspired countless artworks since the time of its publication. The Met’s exhibition is rich with silk robes, calligraphy, palanquins, and contemporary manga — all indebted to this one timeless tale.


“The World Between Empires: Art and Identity in the Ancient Middle East” (Now until June 23)

Travel back over two millennia to ancient cities, including Baalbek, Petra, and Hatra, and a time when two powerful empires — Parthian Iran and Rome — vied to rule the globe. It was an era of transformation, global commerce, and, as this exhibition proves, awe-inspiring art. Gaze in wonder at 190 artifacts at “The World Between Empires,” including stone and bronze sculptures, wall paintings, and dazzling jewelry. Max Hollein, director at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, states that the show “also engages with complex questions about the preservation of cultural heritage.” The New York Times agrees that this exhibit “sends complex political and ideological messages echoing back and forth through time.”


“Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Roll” (April 8 until Oct. 1)

Surely the coolest art exhibition you’ll visit this year, “Play It Loud” features 130 rock & roll instruments — as well as poster bills and stage costumes — with some help from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Marvel at the guitars, drums, and keyboards that have moved millions of fans to the brink of ecstasy (and often tears) – and dive into the complex relationship between musician and instrument. Walk away with a deeper understanding of the tools of the rock & roll musician. Who knows, maybe it’ll even inspire you to take up an instrument...


“Camp: Notes on Fashion” (May 9 until Sept. 8)

If you think you’ve got bold taste in fashion, don’t miss this exuberant exhibition, which revels in the freaky, the eccentric, and the downright-outrageous. Be blown away by Bertrand Guyon’s flamingo ensemble (which features a double flamingo headdress); a very literal interpretation of the “little black dress” with matching gumboots; and a somewhat erotic male/female duo of leotards. Spend an afternoon immersed in irreverence; you’ll laugh, you’ll muse, and perhaps return to your own wardrobe with a new perspective.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an iconic cultural institution, and draws visitors from around the world. However, those fortunate enough to live near it are poised to enjoy its offerings as frequently as they desire. Explore the luxury apartments for rent at 985 Fifth Avenue and 800 Fifth Avenue today, and make The Met a regular part of your Central Park lifestyle.