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Truly, life on Central Park is the apex of New York City living. The luxury rental residences overlooking Central Park at 800 Fifth Avenue and 985 Fifth Avenue offer a distinctive lifestyle that features the finest living spaces, views, and services. However, there is more to this rarefied lifestyle than where one resides – equally important is how one lives, including the cuisines they explore and enjoy.


Fortunately for residents of Urbana’s unique luxury residences, there are many Singularly appealing dining experiences near these Fifth Avenue luxury apartment rentals. While looking up at the night sky from 800 Fifth Avenue or 985 Fifth Avenue may afford an exclusive framing of Orion or Ursa Major, at street level, there are constellations of Michelin stars to behold. Here are a few of the brightest restaurant lights:


The Carlyle Restaurant | 35 East 76th Street

The Carlyle is a classic New York institution, offering timeless luxury in many forms – its hotel rooms, spa, and salon have been the gold standard of hospitality for nearly a century. Its dining concepts are equally elevated, and 985 Fifth Avenue’s residents are merely a short stroll away from Café Carlyle, Bemelmen’s Bar, and The Carlyle Restaurant. The latter fuses indulgent classic dishes such as Boston Lobster Parmentier, courtesy of Executive Chef Ron Pietruszka, with a rustic, elegant ambiance that may have guests wondering if they’ve been transported outside of New York City entirely.


Kappo Masa | 976 Madison Avenue

This subterranean gem is the product of a collaboration between two great minds – venerable chef Masayoshi “Masa” Takayama and art dealer Larry Gagosian, who have been friends for decades. As partners, they’ve created something very special – a dining experience where the walls are home to striking works of art, but the plates themselves are canvases for Masa’s brilliance. 985 Fifth Avenue’s residents need only walk a few blocks to enjoy Kappo Masa’s menu and ambiance.


Daniel | 60 East 65th Street

Chef Daniel Boulud’s eponymous two-Michelin-star restaurant is lively fine dining that is unmistakably French, but decidedly unstuffy. The atmosphere is high-end, to be sure, but there is no pretension here. The food speaks for itself; it’s art on a plate. Many of the dishes are so beautiful that it may seem sacrilegious to disturb the colors flashing across the plate. Perhaps the care put into the presentation of each dish is intended to challenge guests to destroy something beautiful, which would be some artistic statement. Either way, there’s no debate about the quality of food served at this legendary restaurant, which is a quick jaunt from 800 Fifth Avenue.


Felidia | 243 East 58th Street

Felidia, Lidia Bastianich’s flagship Italian restaurant, has been serving vibrant pasta and seafood dishes for nearly four decades. They have a stellar, award-winning wine list to accompany their mouth-watering menu, their service is top-notch, and the atmosphere is warm, yet sophisticated. It’s one of the city’s best Italian restaurants and an ideal destination for a romantic evening, especially for residents of 800 Fifth Avenue’s fine rental residences.


Nobu | 40 West 57th Street

When it comes to sushi, chef Nobu Matsuhisa is essentially Michael Jordan. Regardless of their craft, the great masters work with a sense of direction and purpose, and Nobu is one of world’s most revered sushi restaurants for a reason: here, they know what they’re doing. Each and every very piece, every roll, every inventive creation, sings with flavor. The fish is silky and buttery, and always served at the peak of freshness. Another landmark restaurant within close striking distance of 800 Fifth Avenue, this is the place to enjoy a high-end, eye-opening sushi experience.


The above are but a few of the elite restaurants near Urbana’s luxury rental residences at 800 Fifth Avenue and 985 Fifth Avenue. There are many more, from Paola’s, a local Italian cuisine icon at 92nd and Madison, to Greek standout Avra Madison Estiatorio at 60th Street between Fifth and Madison. After a day spent in Central Park exercising, relaxing, or just enjoying the sunshine with friends and family, make sure you’ve made a reservation at one of these fine purveyors of culinary excellence. Alternatively, light your own candles, relax in casual attire, enjoy your Central Park view and indulge in the ultimate New York luxury of home delivery.